My Clients

The people I work with are passionate about finding better ways to meet new challenges. They see the importance of learning and growth, both for themselves and the people they work with. They recognize that innovation isn’t just for organizations – they have to carry out personal innovation in order to unlock their own potential and that of the groups they are a part of. They know that the best teams are more than just collections of talented individuals, that their groups’ interactions play a critical role in determining overall effectiveness, and that they have a role to play in shifting how people work together.

These people may be at different points in their career:

  • Newly promoted tech leads and first-time managers, who are looking to level-up their own leadership skills

  • Seasoned technical leaders, directors, and VPs, who are unsatisfied with the results that their organizations’ current ways of working are producing

  • HR professionals, who are seeking foster new capacities and awareness within the people and teams in their charge

  • Corporate and non-profit executives, who are striving to chart new courses for their organizations and themselves

What these people all have in common is that they know there are better ways to succeed together, and that they are determined to find them. 

My clients work at places like:
  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Evidation Health

  • Perforce Software

  • Hunter Industries

  • United Fire Group

  • Patreon

  • Lastline

  • LogMeIn

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • The Baby Box Co.

  • Improving

  • Agile For All

  • BA-Squared

How I Do My Best Work

  • With highly engaged, involved participants (whether in-person or virtually). This means no “Death by PowerPoint”; instead you will be interacting with each other and with the content in ways that allows your brain to learn and the group to make progress quickly. 

  • With your real challenges. This learning and growth has to be in the service of serving your and your organization’s needs, and the best way to build your capacity to address challenges is to apply what you are learning right away.

  • With all the relevant people. Changing patterns of organization behavior is harder when only some of the people involved understand the how and the why of the shift, so it’s important to get all of the people responsible for creating change together in the room together.

  • With a clear purpose (but not a rigid plan). When you have a North Star to guide you, and you also have room to explore, to be wrong, and to make mistakes, that’s when the most effective innovation and learning happens.