I partner with leaders to build the capacity within their organizations to face new challenges.


These leaders come to me with a variety of requests. They say things like:


“We need to deal with change, move faster, to grow quickly, to work as one team, to stop doing the things we know are holding us back; we need to be more strategic, more productive, more collaborative, more innovative, more transparent; we need to develop our people, to empower our teams, to make better decisions, to generate more results.”


Here’s how I help them develop those new capabilities.

Skill-Building Workshops

Outcomes: New skills, better ways of working, stronger relationships, and progress on real business issues.


Develop and hone a new set of skills by applying them to real challenges you have in your organization. These workshops begin with a full day of interactive, principle-based instruction to give your group firsthand experience with  the mindsets and practices behind these capabilities. The next day, we dive even deeper into the real issues the group is facing.


Current workshop topics include: Agile software development, enabling collaboration, navigating conflict, influencing change, fostering psychological safety, receiving feedback, facilitating effective meetings, and practicing empathy.


  • Leaders, team members, and stakeholders

  • Intact team or working group



  • Develop new skills and apply them to real work, right away

  • Build a common understanding of these new approaches

  • Create a foundation for lasting change 



  • 2- to 3-day, interactive workshop, with hands-on application to your context

  • 90-minute virtual followup sessions, conducted monthly for three months, to lock in the learning

Collaboration Workshops

Outcomes: Breakthrough progress on work that is of critical importance to your organization.


You know what you need, and you know you your current ways of working aren’t sufficient. You have a hairy problem to solve, and you need to tap into everyone’s strengths and perspectives to tackle it. Maybe it’s strategic planning, maybe it’s launching a new initiative, maybe it’s helping a team find even better ways of working together. Whatever it is, you know you need a partner to help structure the work the group needs to do together to give them the best chance of success.


Experience new ways of working that enable you to take on bigger challenges than you have before. These workshops begin with an afternoon session to explore what high-impact collaboration and creativity can look like in your organization. The next day, we turn people loose on your challenge to break through the barriers that have been holding you back.


  • Intact or cross-functional team

  • Team leaders

  • Key stakeholders and beyond the team



  • Get vitally important work done by engaging and unleashing everyone

  • Grow your collaborative & creative muscles as a team

  • Shift team patterns and structures in a way that sticks



  • 1.5- to 2.5-day, interactive workshop, designed to address a specific challenge in your organization

  • 90-minute virtual huddles, conducted monthly for three months, for coaching, reflecting, and adaptation

What People Say About Working with Me

"I'm always amazed by Paul's ability to mix & match approaches to facilitation. It never seems boring, even when you're interacting with him week-in and week-out."

–John Cutler, Product Evangelist, Amplitude

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